Cost Savings

Cost Savings

Tool oriented to the global management of costs in a metallurgical company.

Using this tool of Cost-Saving calculation, it is possible to collect and view all the production costs in a single software. Time and costs saving, in order to become competitive on the international market.
Prediction of manufacturing costs and margin of sales.
Calculate offers fast.

Costs control for each company section, taking a global view as well as a specific vision:
  • Metals
  • Mould parameters.
  • Scrap
  • Energy
  • Labor
Cost-Savings is designed to be adjusted to the company demands, but if anything is missing our development department will be willing to include it in the software.
  • Incorporation of raw material, cost of energy, labor…to the data base.
  • Possibility of creating reports detailing the real situation of the company.
  • Graphics to obtain a most accurate vision.
  • Software support Windows8, Windows 7, Vista, XP.
  • SQL database (same server status can be used for the company).

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