First simulation system which integrates the metallurgical quality measure into the simulation of solidification process, which allows to detect accurately the possible contraction defects of metal with the current design of the casting to be manufactured.

This is the first simulation system that is integrated in the production line. Thus, it detects instantaneously the risks of microporosity defects in the casted compounds, in lamellae cast iron as well as compacted or ductile cast iron. The calculation is immediate and the process can be corrected when some variation is observed.

The main advantages of EIDOCALC are as follows:

  • The integration of metallurgical quality allows reducing at maximum the feeding systems, admitting more aggressive designs and ensuring in all moment the fulfillment of the requirements of customers.
  • It allows defining the metallurgical quality necessary to manufacture a part without defects.
  • The results are obtained in the production line in real time, before manufacturing the part, so the corrective operations can be performed.correctivas.

The simulation system EIDOCALC is applied in production and it is based on:

  • The calculation of the contraction and expansion balances due to the formation of austenite and graphite during solidification, by means of quality assessment from the register of cooling curves in standard samples (Thermolan).
  • Modelizing of the autofeeding capacity in critical zones of castings.
  • Integration of previous assessment methods of quality with classic simulation methods of solidification processes.
  • Prediction of microporosity defects related to the design of casting and metal quality instantaneously, making easier its use as control software of production.

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