Manufacturing technology of cast parts able to predict, by means of application of an own software based on artificial intelligence, optimal work conditions and interaction with the process in real time. “Salomon” software allows to control the process parameter and deviation, and also to know immediately the operations to be performed to ensure the quality.

Salomon is a production control and management tool based on artificial intelligence which allows to interrelate all the process variables with final properties of castings, so it is possible to know the influence and weight of each variable in each type of defect in castings.
“Salomon” software allows the manufacturing of castings with high quality, with a low rejection and an easy adaptation to process and/or product modifications.

The application of this technology has the following advantages:

  • Elimination of rejected parts up to 85%.
  • Reduction of costs of non quality.
  • Minimization of controls.
  • Stabilization of manufacturing in the most favourable quality conditions and manufacturing cost. Ensuring of quality.
  • Optimization of resources and consumables.

The manufacturing technology Salomon is based on:

  • Data capture of the productive process.
  • Data treatment by means of artificial intelligence methods as: Artificial Neural networks, Bayesian Networks, Random Forest, etc.
  • Auto learning of real manufacturing, to define the optimal manufacturing conditions.
  • Selection by means of defined generic ad-hoc algorithms of optimal processes.

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