Smart Casting Technology

Smart Casting Technology

The innovative Smart Casting Technology allows to obtain sand castings in as cast state without additional operations which do not add value to the product as topping, deburring and stamping. Once the castings are cooled, shot blasted and verified they are ready to be sent.

The main innovations of the Smart Casting Technology are the combination of innovative designs of riser’s necks to make easier their removal, risers with adjusted size to the metallurgical quality of the foundry, taking also into account the autofeeding capacity. The most important advantages of this technology are:

  • Reduction of lead time. The time from the raw materials until the loading of the finished product is reduced by three hours.
  •  Elimination of the finishing operations: topping, deburring and stamping. The repercussion in the reduction of costs varies between 15-20 %.
  • Increase of pattern efficiency with new filling and feeding designs which allow reaching efficiencies higher than 70%.
  • Manufacturing of castings with excellent finishing.

Smart Casting Technology is based on:

  • An adjusted design of feeding systems.
  • Optimization of metallurgical quality for castings that are autofed.
  • Reduction of riser’s necks for being released directly when demoulding.
  • A perfect adjustment of moulding machines to avoid disarranges which produce burrs.

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