Metallurgical quality predictive system for spheroidal, laminar and compact graphite foundries

Thermolan controls and optimizes production processes, ensuring the metallurgical quality in beforehand, avoiding further problems and reducing the manufacture of unacceptable cast parts for iron alloys (laminar, vermicular, nodular).

Thanks to the thermal analysis, studying the behavior of the cooling and solidification curve of the metal, it is possible to know information about the ability of self-feeding of the metal, the risk of appearance of shrinkages, chemical composition and other parameters that are able to determine the molten metal quality. Therefore, it is possible to carry out corrective actions to improve the liquid metal before being poured.

This product is constantly evolving, integrating new enhancements and tools, with the aim of increasing the competitiveness of foundry enterprises. The Thermolan system has several advantages over its competitors:

  • Higher accuracy due to their mathematical models are based on thousand of trials.
  • Simplicity for determining the basic parameters of the alloy. All reuslts are provided in a numerical form, thus, they are easily understood.
  • It is a robust system and it is ready to work continuously in harsh environments.
  • Applications for Ductile, laminar and compact graphite foundries.
  • Equipment available for being installed in plant or as a portable autonomous model.
  • Adapted to the industrial environment.
  • Compatible software with Microsoft Windows 10,, 8, 7, Vista and XP.
  • SQL Database (it also be possible to employ the enterprise working database).
  • Results can be exported to Excel sheets.
  • Communication via Bluetooth, serial port or USB.
  • It is able to control up to 6 channels independently.
  • Translated into English, Chinese, German, Portuguese, Czech.
  • Semiautomatic handling and easy learning.
  • Support via Internet.

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